Disaster Management

Disaster Management Committee at the District Level:

The District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) came into existence because of the frequent occurrence of disasters in the district. The primary aim of the committee is to have proper coordination among all the line departments. The Deputy Commissioner is the Chairman or District Disaster Manager of the DDMC and the district level response is coordinated under his guidance. The District Disaster Management Committee exists to assist the Deputy Commissioner in

  • Reviewing the threats of disaster
  • Analyzing the vulnerability of the district to such disasters
  • Evaluating the preparedness and
  • Considering suggestions for the improvement of the District Disaster Management Plan


  • To educate the public on different flood and other man-made or natural hazards
  • What protective steps should be taken to minimize impact of disasters
  • To make arrangements for emergency action
  • To effect evacuation from the affected villages when necessary
  • Rescue and Rehabilitation
  • Post disaster action and review