About AMDO, Department Establishment

The Department of Geology and Mining was created by the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh during 1995-96 mainly for the purpose of mineral survey and investigation, mineral exploration, control and monitoring on production of minerals and primarily for earning the revenue in terms of royalty etc.for the state exchequer. The department is one of highest revenue earning department in the state as on date. The State is having variety of minerals like coal, Petroleum and Natural Gas,Dolomite, Limestone,Graphite,Asbestos,Placer gold,Iron,Marble,Ferro-Sillicon Grade, Quartzite, Lead&Zinc,Minor Minerals(Sand,Gravel,Boulders,soil,etc.) The Arunachal Pradesh Minor Mineral Concession Rules’2002 was came into force w.e.f. 2002.the Main objective is to control ,monitor and regulate the minor minerals and also to collect royalty against use of minor minerals for state exchequer. It is imperative to empower the quality services to be discharge by field officer Known as Assistant Mineral evelopment Officer (AMDO) posted in various part of the state under District headquarter and ADC/SDO headquarter etc. The Department of Geology and Mining Seppa branch was established on 2003 and posted AMDO,under disposal of Deputy commissioner East Kameng District,Seppa.Latter on separate AMDO,post has been created for Seijoso on 2007 under disposal of ADC,Seijosa and another AMDO,post was created for Chiyang Tajo on 2009 under disposal of SDO,Cheyang Tajo.

Deputy Commissioners of East Kameng District.
Sl No. Name Designation In position
1. Shri Bimpak Siga Assistant Mineral Development Officer(AMDO) 946244598/ bimpak_siga[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
2. Shri Karling Mangam Mineral guard(MG) regular Field staff
3. Shri Achu Phassang Mineral guard(MG) regular Field staff
4. Smt Yalak Phassang Mineral guard(MG) regular Field staff
5. Smt Mepung Phassang Mineral guard(MG) regular Field staff
6. Shri Samuel Mangam Mineral guard(MG) regular Office staff
7. Shri Popey Loffa Peon (contingency) Office staff

Ongoing Schemes/development works.

The AMDO, being the field level officer of the department and the main task is to monitor the movement of minor mineral in their jurisdiction. Regarding realization of royalty on use of minor minerals the office of AMDO, has taken so many steps such as proper monitor of illegal extraction of minerals and also regular interaction and discus with the officer in charge of entire works department in the district matter related to royalty of minor minerals. The initiative taken up by the department regarding the realization of royalty from various work department and also other agency which lead the huge recovery of revenue to the state exchequer during the past few years.

East Kameng District has a huge potential of natural resources provided it should be explore and large area of the district is still geologically unexplored and as a result most of the mineral deposit are lying unattended. In order to trace out minerals the AMDO, has visited so many places and collect some sample which is now under process to identify.

Data related to projects/schemes.

Four (4) numbers of New quarry is under process for notification.

  1.         Fourteen (14) numbers of minerals sample has been already sent to head office Itanagar for laboratory test.
  2.        Two (2) numbers of permanent check gate is on proposed. 
  3.        Separate office building and residence for AMDO,Hq ,and  also staff quarters for group  ‘C’ and     ‘D’ staff is on proposed.
  4.       A coal deposit has been identified some were at Pakke Kessang inform by villagers and survey  and investigation is going on.