East Kameng is situated in the western part of Arunachal Pradesh. The name ‘Kameng’ has been derived from the Kameng river, a tributary of the mighty Brahmaputra. It exactly lies to the east of West Kameng district. Sonitpur district of Assam in the south. Mac-Mohan line and a portion of Kurung Kumey district is in the north. The inter district baring a small area on the Southern most thick which border Assam is Mountainous. The deep Gorges and narrow valleys frequently open into vast valleys which sustain permanent agriculture.

River System

The Kameng river originating from the glacial lake ‘Gorichan’ and it flows through the district to the plains of Assam, where it meets the Brahmaputra in the Sonitpur District of Assam. Its tributaries are Pacha,Pachi,Pachuk,Pakke & Bichum.

Climate & Rainfall

Due to various topographic differences, the climate condition of the district is varying largely within short distances. The altitude of different administrative centers varies ranging from 363 mtrs to 1906 mtrs. The district experiences rainfall especially in summer season and winter months are extremely cold. As a result of heavy rainfall during monsoon season, most rivers and stream are highly inflated and disrupt normal transport system and communication and causes landslides which make quite costly to mountain. The months from October to March are the most favorable time to intensify development work.


The principle tribes inhabiting the district are Nyishi, Aka, Miji, Puroik(Sollung). The Nyishi constitute the major tribe and are scattered throughout the district. The Puroik are mostly in Chayang Tajo, Khenewa, & Sawa Circles.

Political Setup

The process of democratic began in the district in the year 1976, with the introduction of Panchyati Raj Organisation Act 1967. Under this regulation the Gram Panchayat exists at the Village level & Zilla Parishad cover all 13 Zilla Parishad constituencies with a view to develop socio-economic condition of this district as a whole.

The district has a segment of 1- Arunachal West Parliamentary Constituency and have 4 Assembly constituencies viz: 1. 8-Bameng (S/T) Assembly Constituency 2. 9-Chayang Tajo (S/T) Assembly Constituency 3. 10-East Seppa (S/T) Assembly Constituency 4. 11-West Seppa (S/T) Assembly Constituency.

Administrative Setup 

East Kameng district is comprised of 3 Sub-Division: 1. Seppa 2. Bameng 3. Chayang Tajo. The Administrative responsibility of Seppa sub-division is the Deputy Commissioner who is also the overall in charge of the district.

Chanyang Tajo and Bameng are under the charge of Addl Deputy Commissioner. These Sub-division are further divide into Circles. The Circles are looked after by Circle Officer and Extra Assistant Commissioner. There are 12 Circles in the district which are Chayang Tajo, Pipu, Sawa, Gyawepurang, Bameng, Khenewa, Lada, Seppa, Bana, Debeyar, Pakoti, Richukurang


The Arunachal Pradesh Police has 5 wings viz:- Civil Police, Fire Service, Special Brach wireless and Arunachal Pradeh Police Battalion section. All the wings are under the administrative control of Suprintendent of Police. There are two Police station at Seppa and Chayantajo and 2 at outpost at Bameng & Khenewa. In addition to Arunachal Pradesh Police the CRPF also attached to civil administration. The CRPF personnel are working at DHQ.

Governor Lt. General K.T. Parnaik
Chief Minister Shri Pema Khandu
Deputy Commissioner Shri Sachin Rana IAS


  • Area: 3202 sq km
  • Population: 66344
  • Literacy Rate: 60%
  • Block: 6
  • Villages: 283
  • Police station: 2


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  • Citizen's Call center -
  • Child Helpline -
  • Women Helpline -
  • Crime Stopper -
  • Rescue & Relief - 1070
  • Ambulance -
    102, 108
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