Issued Certificates


 I. Certificate provided at Jasuvidha Centre and required documents:

  1. ST Certificate.                         - affidavit in standard format, HSC/Birth certificate, passport size photo-2
  2. PRC Certificate         - affidavit in standard format, Xerox copy of ST, passport size photo-2
  3. Photo ILP                  - remark & recommendation forwarding authority with seal
  4. ICARD                                       - old I card/employment order, stamp sizes photo-2
  5. TRC                                          - remark & recommendation forwarding authority with seal
  6. Income Certificate   - affidavit in standard format, Recommendation letter for non-govt. employee
  7. Domicile Certificate                - affidavit in standard format for non-govt. employee, passport size photo-2
  8. Dependent Certificate             - affidavit in standard format, passport size photo-2

II. Judicial branch

  1. Arm Licence
  2. Renewal of Arm Lincence.
  3. Succession Certificate.

III. Civil supply

  1. Ration Card.
  2. Renew of Ration Card.

IV. Land Record

  1. Land Allotment.
  2. Clearance Certificate of Lease Rent..
  3. for Land Possession Certificate.

V. Economics & Statistics

  1. Birth Certificate .
  2. Death Certificate.

VI. Tax & Excise

  1. Trading Licence.